Glass Art Gift Club

Enjoy gorgeous new glass art each month!

Looking for a unique, one of a kind gift? Are you a busy professional without a lot of time or desire to shop for handcrafted gifts, but don’t want to be caught off guard and empty handed whenever a birthday, employee anniversary, or similar event occurs?  Sign up for the Glass Art Gift Club today, and you’ll enjoy the gifts of time, art, and whimsy!

Each month, the Glass Art Gift Club delivers a beautiful glass art surprise handcrafted by glass artist Sheri Fisher right to your door–it may be a set of earrings, created with sterling silver and handcrafted gorgeous glass beads; a lovely Pendant, floating on a sterling silver chain and finished with a sparkling crystal or fresh water pearl; a happy and fun Wine Stopper; amazing and unique WindowArt; a lovely letter opener; and more!

When you select my fun and easy Glass Art Gift Club, you can be sure you’ll be receiving an amazing glass art gift that is handcrafted, one of a kind, and proudly made in the USA! The Glass Art Gift Club is the perfect solution when you truly need a one of a kind gift for those special someone’s in your life, but just don’t have the time!

Don’t get caught empty handed!  Sign up today for beautiful handcrafted glass art, and each month will bring a fabulous surprise delivered right to your door!

Join the Glass Art Gift Club 5 Month Plan and the first month is just $7.00, then $34.00 for the next 4 months, and shipping is FREE!

Join the Glass Art Gift Club Ongoing Plan and the first month is just $7.00, and then $29.00 each month, and shipping is FREE!

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